… some (important to me) readings

“Unanswerable questions” – Obituary for Elie Wiesel (from The Economist):



On Dallas – from the July 10th 2016 Dallas Morning News:


“My Journey At The Nuclear Brink”, William J. Perry




3 thoughts on “… some (important to me) readings

  1. Thanks so much again for flagging the article from the Economist. It reminded me of a recent interview of Delphine Horvilleur, the French liberal rabbi. She was asked about the “Jewish Faith” and said that “faith” is not a Jewish term, as this is religion of questionings, doubts, always. Let me share with you her opening (typically Jewish style): Yoshe and Simon are at the yeshiva, and have been discussing for hours and hours about the existence of G.od. They eventually came to the conclusion that he does not exist. Next morning, Yoshe sees Simon in the street and asks him where he is heading. His friends answers ” to the temple of course”.
    – But didn’t we conclude that G.od doesn’t exist?
    – Yes we did .. But I don’t see the connection!”

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